The story of SalesCollab.

After almost 24 years of working for telecommunication giants, our founder André van Zyl, took the plunge and started SalesCollab as a vehicle for helping companies increase their sales effectiveness and execution.

As an engineer, marketer and experienced corporate sales expert, these skills were all used when the vision of SalesCollab was created. From the onset, Magda Delport, an experienced veteran in the telecommunications and sales arena, added her unique skills and together with over 50 years of experience, the duo created the foundation of what SalesCollab is built on today.

The SalesCollab dream.

We are passionate about helping and sharing our knowledge with companies, big and small. We aim to solve customer’s problems through value creation to their businesses.

The values we maintain.







The SalesCollab leadership team.

André van Zyl

Magda Delport

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