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SalesCollab is a one stop-shop for your modern business needs.

We are solution architects with a disruptive and streamlined approach.

Our different portfolios.

Reshaping and
Developing Brands.

This includes corporate identity design, general graphic design, website design & development, digital and social media reach, and content management plans to help position your brand and increase engagement with your customers.

Professional services to help grow your business.

SalesCollab provides professional business strategy development and sales consulting allowing our customers to increase their market share. SalesCollab can become your strategic sourcing specialist allowing you to focus on your business growth. Assisting business customers with their software licensing needs and compliance. Offering tailor-made audio and visual solutions to companies and loving homeowners.

Connecting businesses;

their employees and customers.

Businesses and their employees need to be connected to one another and their customers. We focus on bringing you the best possible mobile and fixed connectivity solutions whether you need data or voice communication or both to remain connected and grow your business.

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Your one-stop shop for Marketing, Services & Connect services to your business.

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We are passionate about helping and sharing our knowledge with companies, big and small. We aim to solve customer’s problems through value creation to their businesses.


I also want to thank you for bringing out the best in the sales team and always striving for excellence. I commend you for being dependable and tactful when dealing with the sales staff. Over the last three months, the work you have done has helped the sales team feel safe, supported, and motivated. Thanks again for going above and beyond to foster an environment in which sales can work happily and comfortably.

Pedro Maia

MD, Centravoice / intdev

When I was 12 years old, a video game made the rounds that required SUCH powerful equipment to simply open, that it became a joke in the community.

“Cool computer that you have there…but can it run Crysis?” Crysis, being the name of the game.

We did not have much and as such, little Ivan could not get a laptop that could come anywhere near the requirements to run the game. But I made myself a promise, that one day, I would have such a machine.

The laptop that I bought from SalesCollab recently, can not only run Crysis, but it runs it on the absolute maximum settings.

Thank you SalesCollab, for fulfilling a little boy’s dream.

Ivan Breytenbach



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